Portage I & II

Portage I & II (PdP I & II) are viewed as one complex having two civic addresses: 50, Victoria Street (PdP I) and 165, Hotel de Ville Street (PdP II). The assets are located in the Hull district of Gatineau and are considered as a key part of the entire Portage portfolio which is the largest Crown owned office complex in the Outaouais region. The strategic location of these assets contributes significantly to the Federal Government’s objective of proportional representation of its workforce on both sides of the Outaouais River.

Located in the Northern limit of the developed area called ‘Centre-Ville’, the complex occupies approximately one half of a city block, which includes the Park de l’Hotel de Ville. The Portage I & II complex was constructed from 1970 to 1976 at a cost of $39 million, with an expected structural life of eighty (80) years. The complex consists of two office towers sitting on a shared two-level commercial area. The complex is serviced by a 4-tier parking garage. A unique feature of the complex is a pedestrian crossover link between the second level commercial of PdP II and Place du Centre.

Portage I has twenty-two floors of office space for a total of 34,907 m² (useable) and 38,101 m² (rentable) with a typical floor plate of 1,400 m2. The major tenant is Industry Canada, which has two branches: the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), which is occupying 12 floors and the Competition Bureau, which is occupying 10 floors. The working population is estimated at just over 1,200 persons, but this estimate is subject to yearly departmental program fluctuations.

Portage II has nine floors of office space for a total of 22,369 m² (useable) and 24,219 m² (rentable) with a typical floor plate of 2,700 m². The major tenant is Human Resources and Development Canada (HRSDC) with six floors. Two floors are occupied by CIPO and the third floor is occupied by PSPC. The working population is estimated at full occupancy at just over 800 persons, but this estimate is subject to yearly departmental program fluctuations.

The two-level commercial area has a total area of 8,552 m² (useable) and 10,930 m² (rentable). The ground floor has four retail tenants; CIPO occupies approximately half the commercial first floor area for office purposes. The second floor of the commercial section is 100% occupied by CIPO, also for office use. The building roofs are also used for the location of communication equipment and the plant for the operation of such equipment is located in the building penthouse.

The underground garage is divided into three sections with a total area of 33,708 m² (useable / rentable) and 866 parking stalls. The Notre-Dame garage has 593 parking stalls (316 monthly passes and 200 public parking spaces). The Tenants of the building lease the Maisonneuve (242 stalls) and Victoria (37 stalls) garages; public parking is not available.

The XY Pavilion, previously known as the AFD Pavilion, is approximately 372 m². Originally it was used by the National Capital Commission (NCC) as a restaurant but was eventually left vacant for many years. Due to the large demand for government office space, it was refitted and has been occupied by PSPC Facilities Group since 2004.