Portage IV

Place du Portage IV is the final tower of the Crown-owned Place du Portage complex in the downtown core of the Hull sector of Gatineau. The asset is a Class B+ high-rise office tower built in the 1977-1979 period at a cost of $63 million with a reported March 1979 occupancy date. The complex is located on a parcel of land bordered by Laurier and Taché Boulevards to the south, Laval Street to the west, Promenade du Portage to the north, and Maisonneuve to the east. With three official civic addresses: 140 Promenade du Portage, 150 Promenade du Portage and 9 Laurier Street, it is located in the heart of downtown Gatineau, Hull sector and contributes to the Federal government’s objective of proportional representation of its workforce on both sides of the Ottawa River (75%/25%).

The asset is a mixed-use office/retail complex having a step-up design with 4 stories off Laurier Street, up to 17 stories and an underground VIP garage with 64 spaces. The office space totalling 83,333.5 m² (rentable), or 110 201 m² (gross), houses the main tenant Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) Department Headquarters, along with Service Canada, a Federal initiative under HRSDC. This main tenant occupies almost 92% of total rentable building area. A 1497 m² area (included above), situated on the main floor of the building is utilized by PSPC as a Conference Centre (2.2%). The estimated building population is approximately 3,800 occupants. This represents almost a 31% increase in occupancy since 2001.

Since 1999, Portage IV has houses the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) and Building Resumption Center (BRC), whereby HRSDC now has the capacity to respond to national emergencies.

The grade level commercial space totals 7,883.7 m², with 18 non-federal tenants. As of December 2012, all vacant spaces will be rented. Principal services consist of restaurants, food outlets, dental office, optometrist, floral shop, hair salon, gift shop as well as various services usually found in a high-density office building such as an insurance company, a bank branch, dry cleaner, travel agency and a Canada Post postal station.

The Portage IV occupants have access to an exterior green space facility such as the courtyard area between Portage III (Tower C) and Portage IV decorated with two sculptures rented with the Canada Council Art bank. They also benefit from Place Aubry, a small park area found between Portage III and Portage IV, facing Promenade du Portage. Finally, a beautiful interior Atrium area equipped with a water fountain, plants and furniture is available for the employee’s use and enjoyment.