Portage III Parking Lot Update

Effective October 5, 2020, employees who wish to park their vehicles at Portage III (Laurier-Taché parking lot) in Gatineau will be able to choose from the options below.

Daily Use

Report to the Reef / Impark office, which is located in the corridor between Portage III and Portage IV, on the commercial level 0, near the daycare. Please ensure to have a valid Government of Canada employee card on hand. You will receive a pre-programmed proxy card with which you can purchase multiple passes at a cost of $13.00 per entry (including exit) with no expiry date.

Monthly Pass

Registration for the monthly pass must also be done in person at the Reef / Impark office (in the corridor between Portage III and Portage IV, on commercial level 0, near the daycare). The Monthly Pass option remains available for $195. The pass gives you unlimited entries and exits per day. It is particularly beneficial for users who need to access the parking lot more than 15 times per month.

Regardless of the option chosen, a $20 refundable deposit will be required with the first payment to cover the cost of the card. It will be refunded at the end of the agreement. You will also be required to sign a contract with Reef / Impark in person. All methods of payment (credit card, debit card or cash) will be accepted.

Please note that hourly rates are not currently available.

Place du Portage III Renewal Project

The Place du Portage III (PDP3) renewal project consists in the replacement of base building components that have now reached the end of their useful life, and in the modernization of the space to meet Government of Canada Workplace Fit-Up Standards. The project will include accessibility upgrades to the main entrances, modifications to some of the public and retail spaces, replacement of the building envelope, upgrades to the Information Technology (IT) / Audio-Visual (AV) systems, new mechanical and electrical systems, as well as reinforcement of the building’s structure such as to meet the most recent seismic code requirements.

The renewal of the complex will increase the performance of the building by reducing the environmental footprint and the building’s energy consumption. Additionally, it will provide improved accessibility for users, will result in a densification of the building, and will extend the life expectancy of the complex. Landscaping and exterior concrete work will be necessary in order to support these renovations, and offer opportunities to improve the outdoor areas around the building in terms of accessibility and greening.

New BGIS Ambassador Program

The BGIS Ambassador Program is a program designed to create an exceptional accommodation experience and respond to the changing needs of the workplace.

The ambassador program will be used to:

  • Create a visible supportive presence in common spaces.
  • Offer support to visitors and employees.
  • Provide information on building protocols and social distancing measures.
  • Manage the movement of people and line-ups.
  • Provide additional antiseptic cleaning in high-traffic areas.

The ambassadors will be on site as of August 10, 2020. Please look for the red shirt in the common areas and/or at the main entrances and exits.